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Body Hair

Body hair removal is popular. Women often find their body hair embarrassing and want an efficient way to remove it.

Body Hair Removal Treatments

Body hair removal is suitable for both men and women. Laser hair removal is available for all areas of the body for both men and women. We offer discrete treatments and good advice for anyone wishing to start with laser hair removal. This can include helpful advice in making the transition from waxing or shaving.

Common areas to treat for body hair removal.

  • Neck, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Underarms, Nipples
  • Bikini / Brazilian / Hollywood, Buttocks, Peri-Anal
  • Arms, Hand, Fingers, Stomach
  • Legs, Feet, Toes

For some areas of the body repeated hair removal can give problems such as shaving rash, skin sensitivity or itching, some methods are painful particularly in sensitive areas such as the bikini area. Added to that the fact that there is only ever a short time before hairs grow back again. Laser hair removal can help to end this never-ending process.

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