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Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair can be annoying. Women, in particular, see facial hair change as they age.

Facial Hair Removal Treatments

Facial hair removal can be one of those never-ending things we have to do whether we are waxing shaving or plucking hairs, it's ongoing. Laser treatment offers a relief from this and reduces the number of hairs able to grow over time.

Some people genetically or ethnically have darker stronger hairs and have to remove them from an early age. As we age it is quite normal for previously thin delicate hairs to become darker and more noticeable. Individual Chin hairs grow longer and darker than before, and hairs on the side of the face can change in texture. Previously delicate hairs above the lip become noticeable. Individual chin hairs grow longer and thicker than before. Hairs on the side of the face start to show.

Trying to remove facial hair yourself is tedious. Facial depilatory creams are all temporary. Checking and plucking out regrowth becomes a regular obsession. Many women continue to try and manage their facial hair themselves for years.

Make yourself feel better and achieve a more permanent result effortlessly. The Soprano laser can be used on any skin type with great success. You’ll be able to blend your makeup onto the smoother skin. Not only will this make you look beautiful, but it saves time too. Defining your lip line with a favourite lipstick becomes a pleasure, not a disappointment.

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