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Our Range of Medical and Aesthetic treatments are designed to correct and enhance your appearance, or just take away what bothers you. Our aim is to make you look and feel better and more confident.

Our expertise in medical care is at the heart of what we do: we are not a beauty company.

We are located within the Royal Bolton Hospital grounds and have been for over 2 decades. Laserase Bolton has been fully inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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Your consultation is carried out with one of our experienced staff in the comfort of a private consulting room. It’s important to understand the options, the outcomes and of course the price prior to starting any treatment. We encourage patients to ask questions and to be fully confident in what treatment they are requesting

CQC Care Quality Commission

As a private healthcare service providing medical treatments, Laserase Bolton is registered with and adheres to the standards of the Care Quality Commission. The clinic was one if the first laser provided in the UK to be registered in the UK and has remained registered. This assures patients that the standard of care regulated and assessed regularly. To see more about the CQC registration

Why Choose Us

Our focus is on you, not just the way you look. We consider the whole of you to help you achieve whatever you are looking for through our extensive range of treatment solutions.

Our staff are experienced, exceptional and have been with us for many years, but we still constantly update our training and add the latest treatments.

We have been established for over 20 years and registered with the CQC to offer a wide range of options for non-surgical treatments for men women and children. You are safe in our hands whatever treatment you choose.

The clinic is perfectly situated in the grounds of the Royal Bolton Hospital easy to find and has its own private car parking.

Homework – Our skincare products

We stock a range of medical skincare products to help patients protect their skin and enhance the treatments they have chosen to have. All the ranges have active ingredients and have strong scientific research to back them up.

Care after your treatment

We are keen to provide the best care following your treatment, some of the treatments we offer need to be a course of sessions, and others will need follow up appointments. Our medical team will always give you instructions about what to do at home. Our Clinic team are on hand should you need to ask more questions or have concerns.