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Tattoo Removal

July 18, 2015

Patient Story: A tattoo over a tattoo!

The tattoo I’m having removed, is a cover up tattoo of a tattoo I wish I never had. So I knew as it was a double tattoo I would have to have more treatments than if it was just a single tattoo.

April 22, 2015

Stevie’s tattoo removal at Laserase

I had my tattoo done about nine or ten years ago, at a time when I wanted to rebel against my mother, who told me not to get any more. I decided to get it removed because, over time, I found it to be tacky and childish and it’s in a position that is difficult to cover. .

March 19, 2015

Peter loves tattoos, but he doesn’t like these

I have a tattoo on my wrist and on my ankle which I regretfully got at a very young age. I love tattoos and have since had 2 full sleeves and a chest piece done but wasn’t happy at all with these old ones and wanted them removing./p>

February 26, 2015

Ashley’s story – tattoo removal

I’d wanted a tattoo of an owl for many years. They were my mum’s favourite animal and they’re mine, so I knew that no matter what, it would always be something that meant something to me. I spent months and months searching for the perfect owl and after trying and failing to find one I loved I sought out a tattoo artist I knew was excellent and asked her to design one for me.