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Shaping Lips

When you look in the mirror, do your lips look too thin?

Lip Shaping Treatments

Perhaps you think that the red part of your lip is too narrow. Changing your lips and smile - even just slightly - can significantly improve your facial features.

Shape your beautiful full lips with Restylane® Dermal Filler. Restylane® was the first hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler to receive FDA approval and is now one of the most tried and tested of all hyaluronic acid fillers in the world. This hydrating and volume-building fluid is injected under the skin using a tiny needle.

Stimulate and help to build your own natural collagen at the same time. Lasers and needling stimulate the wound healing response. A few mild treatments create a gradual change. Natural, subtle effects can be maintained long term. Combine your treatments with several laser sessions to get the best low-risk results. Some treatments have no immediate after-effects, so the skin around your lips looks healthy within a couple of hours.

Experienced practitioners are trained in the latest techniques and focus on natural-looking results. Discover what others say about Laserase. Learn more from us about the options available.