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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an effective way of getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair and means no more constant waxing or shaving.

Laser Hair Treatments

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments at Laserase. It gives you the freedom from using other methods of hair removal. You may be waxing, threading and shaving frequently at the moment. Laser hair removal is effective at permanently reducing the hair growth.

We can treat all skin tones and most hair types with laser hair removal. Your practitioner will adjust the laser to suit your hair and skin type. Our nurses tailor the laser settings to the individual to get the best results.

After your consultation you will have a patch test. This will allow us to select the right laser setting for your skin type. We use this to achieve the best results possible. Treatment frequency depends on which area we are treating and the type of hair.

It's important to tell us if your skin is not its usual colour. For instance if you have a sun tan, a false tan or have had a recent reaction to something. This can affect our ability to give you the best treatment.

Where on the body can we use laser hair removal ?

Laser hair removal is safe and effective anywhere you have unwanted hair that’s dark. The colour helps the hair root to absorb the lasers light. We do not use lasers inside the orbital bone (near the eye).

Areas treated at Laserase are :
  • Face, Ears, Jaw
  • Neck, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Underarms, Nipples
  • Arms, Hand, Fingers, Stomach
  • Bikini / Brazilian / Hollywood, Buttocks, Peri-Anal
  • Legs, Feet, Toes

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Why do I need a course of Laser Hair removal?

Only a small percentage of your hair is in the “anagen” or growing stage at any one time. In anagen (the growing phase) the hair has more pigment it is that which the laser absorbs into. As the hair gets older it has less colour in the root. The root is where the germ cells are. The dermal papilla is this part of the hairs function the heat from the laser destroys.

This means it will take a number of sessions before all hair is reduced. At any time there is a mixture different phase hairs and we need to “catch” every hair in the correct phase.

  • Anagen – The growing phase where the hair is developing and growing
  • Catagen – Intermediate stage as the hair stops growing and prepares to shed
  • Telogen – The resting phase the hair drops out and the germ cells shrink away to wait to start over again

Phase Hairs Diagram

Structure of Hair Follicle Diagram

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Why The Soprano XL Laser ?

The Soprano XL laser is one of the best lasers available on the market today and is a fast, efficient and virtually painless way to remove hair from any part of the body.

The Soprano XL laser is ten times faster than most other lasers on the market. Unlike other lasers, the Soprano has two modes, a Super Hair Removal (SHR) mode and a Hair Removal (HR Mode.)

Most other hair removal lasers have only the HR mode. HR mode targets individual hair follicles causing heat injury to the hair. This is great for smaller areas or on more stubborn hairs but is time consuming.

SHR mode gradually heats the skin and hair follicles meaning a large area can be treated all in one go. The added advantage is this method is virtually painless.

The different options available with the Soprano laser means that it can be used anywhere – chin, cheeks, legs as well as more sensitive areas like the ears, nose, chest and bikini line.

The heat produced from both the SHR and the HR modes damages the hairs at the root, preventing regrowth. Skin is protected from heat damage by a cooling gel applied directly to the skin and by the cooling tip on the hand piece of the laser.

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Does Laser hair removal hurt?

The Soprano laser offers virtually pain free laser hair removal, the sensation is more a feeling of heat building up than pain. It is the most comfortable way to treat excess hair with laser, and differs from some of the other lasers on the market.

Does Laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal has been around for many years and has therefore been backed up by substantial clinical studies. It causes a reduction in hair growth over time. There are some people it cannot work on and this is why we offer a full consultation prior to starting a course of treatment.

Do I need to have hair visible or can I shave wax or pluck hair between treatments?

In between the treatments you can shave the hairs as often as you need as that will not disturb the root. Waxing, plucking and threading however remove the root of the hair so you shouldn’t do any of these between treatments. When we use the laser it is better that there is no hair visible above the surface of the skin.

Why is it a course of treatments?

Hairs grow in cycles and all the hairs are not present at one time. The treatment works by treating new hairs each time in their growing phase.

Will one treatment be useful?

No it will reduce the hairs by a percentage but it will not be enough to stop the need for other forms of hair removal.

How frequently do I need to have treatment ?

On average it is at 6 week intervals but it may vary as we are individuals and the time in the growing phase can vary. Some areas have a faster rate of hair growth than others. We take care to make sure the intervals are right for you.

Can I have treatment in more than one area in the same session?

Generally yes you can, though it can be common to need to come in more frequently for some areas such as the face.

Who will carry out the treatment?

All the Laserase Bolton staff are qualified medical practitioners with many years of experience in treating hair using lasers.

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"I had five sessions with the Soprano XL laser to remove hair on my legs and bikini line and I am now having my underarm hair treated.

I had been thinking about laser hair reduction treatment for a while as I was keen to get rid of some unwanted hair in one or two places such as my legs, so I could wear a wider range of nice clothes rather than sticking with trousers.

Everyone at Laserase Bolton was lovely and put me at ease straight away.

Although laser hair reduction usually takes several sessions, my treatment was so successful that the hair hardly grew back at all. I was delighted with the results – it turned out better than I ever expected.

The treatment was completely painless and I was very surprised that it didn’t hurt at all. I asked Saria the nurse when she was going to start and she said ‘I’m already doing it’!

Laser hair reduction treatment is the best thing I have ever done and I would recommend it to anyone looking to have unwanted hair removed. I told my daughter how great the treatment was and she is going to have it done too.

-- Jackie J