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Lip Correction

Are you starting to notice fine lines on your upper lip?

Lip Correction Treatments

Each time your lips are used, the skin around them moves. Over time, small crinkles in your skin can become deeper wrinkle lines.

Smokers pucker their lips. Hence lines on your upper lip are called smokers’ lines. As mouths always move in a certain way you can get these lines even if you’ve never smoked. When you speak or chew, you can develop the same fine lines around the lips without ever puffing on a cigarette.

Lines around the mouth form in the same way as lines around your eyes or forehead. They are caused by muscle movement. You notice that people with very expressive faces have more wrinkles as they get older. Squinting in the sun or at a computer screen can have the same effect. You can stop your lines from getting worse. The ideal solution is to slightly relax the muscles and build up the skin volume slightly. The most popular option is dermal fillers. These hydrating volume-building fluids are injected under the skin using a tiny needle. This works well for very fine lines that just need some hydration.

The final thing you can do for lip correction is to stimulate collagen to help thicken and repair the skin. This type of treatment includes lasers and needling. It causes a controlled injury to the skin to stimulate a wound healing collagen generating response. It is important to go to someone who is experienced in injecting in the lip area.

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