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Frown Lines

Even when you’re not actually frowning, frown lines can be there.

Frown Line Treatments

Lines situated between your eyebrows are sometimes called elevens because of their shape. All your frown lines are the result of repeated movement over time, a loss of elastic tissue as you age, and your genes.

The Harmony Pixel Laser is used for laser peels and skin resurfacing. This laser is designed to enhance the quality and texture of skin while stimulating collagen regeneration. The collagen in the skin remodels, the skin itself tightens, and the overall texture of the treated area improves resulting in smoother, refreshed-looking skin.

Soften and smooth stubborn frown lines using Botox® to relax your frown muscles. Long lasting results can be achieved. Botox® stops the muscles from moving so that deeper animation lines cannot form. Over a period of time, the lines deepen and widen which improves their appearance.

Be amazed and delighted with the results. Read Helen’s story, ‘It was better than I ever expected. I will go on holiday with renewed confidence. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to others. It makes you feel years younger.’

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