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Leg Veins

Are the small red or blue veins on your legs starting to become more noticeable?

Leg Vein Treatments

If leg veins stop you from wearing your favourite clothes? Here are a our treatment options that can work for you.

`Long pulsed ND:Yag laser is very efficient at removing blood vessels. It feels like a hot pinprick to the skin. Immediately after treatment veins are likely to be more visible but usually subside after 7-14 days. Treatments are usually every 6-8 weeks.

During your initial consultation, you may feel it necessary to use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) from the AFT 570 instead. Treatment generally involves a series of five sessions, and most people will see a slight improvement after their first appointment. There is no healing or recovery time with the AFT 570 meaning minimum disruption to your everyday life.

Micro sclerotherapy works by inserting a liquid via a fine needle gently into the vein to be treated. For a day or two after treatment, the site of the injection looks like a small insect bite. Any bruising will last for around 2-3 weeks. Remaining veins can be re-injected after about 8-12 weeks to reduce them further.

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