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Tattoos Removed

Remove your tattoo or prepare your skin to have a new tattoo drawn over the top.

Perhaps your tattoo isn’t relevant anymore or not discreet enough. Discuss your tattoos with us.

Consider what you want to achieve during your consultation. We encourage you to chat about your ink plans. Together we can decide on the best action to take. It’s important that you make the best choices. Most pigments, especially blacks and blues, do respond very well to the Ruby Laser treatment. We know however that not all tattoos respond to treatment. In theory, the red pigment will reflect the ruby light and not respond, although in practice some red tattoos fade very well.

Your skin's reaction to the laser will determine the most effective energy for your treatment. Smaller tattoos require fewer pulses than larger ones. To completely get rid of a tattoo will take several treatment appointments. Your tattoo should become lighter after each visit.

Get your treatment in hygienic, fully-equipped surroundings designed for your comfort and well-being. Discover what others say about Laserase. Learn more from us about the options available.