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Jane’s Story

Jane’s Story

Jane, one of our customers, has written a blog about why she decided to have tattoo removal treatment and her experience of the removal process. We will keep following Jane’s story over the next few months.

Jane, one of our customers, has written a blog about why she decided to have tattoo removal treatment and her experience of the removal process. We will keep following Jane’s story over the next few months.

Why I chose to have a tattoo in the first place

I often get asked the question as to why I decided to have a tattoo. I can honestly say it was an impulse decision! I had always liked butterflies and one day, sat in a lecture at university, I thought “I want a tattoo”. I knew I wanted it somewhere that people could see but that I could still hide if I needed to. I was a trainee teacher at the time and some schools disapproved of staff showing tattoos. A few of my friends had them and they gave me advice on where to have it done. Within a week I had the first five tattoos on the top of my neck.

Why I chose to have my tattoo removed

I met Simon when I was in secondary school; he was my friend’s older brother. It was only when I met up with Simon years later at university did we decide to date each other. After three great years together, in February 2014, on Lake Windermere, Simon got down one knee and asked me to marry him. We are now at the very beginning of planning our wedding. We have set a date for Saturday 13th August 2016 and I want my tattoos gone by then, so below is my tattoo removal diary which I hope will help others deciding to or going through the same process.

Tattoo removal diary Tuesday 22nd July 2014

I’d been thinking of having my tattoos removed for some time now. Finally, after setting my wedding date, I realised it was now or never! So I gave Laserase Bolton a ring. There and then, I booked an appointment for the following day.

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 (Test run)

Today was great! I went to my appointment with Laserase Bolton. I had lots of questions and of course I was nervous about the procedures and the pain. The nurse who I had my appointment with was very understanding and it was clear that she knew what she was talking about. She eased my nerves by explaining how things would work, how long it would take and the aftercare. More importantly we discussed pricing. So that was that! I was finally doing it. With that I had a “trial” run there and then, which took no longer than seven minutes. The nurse used ice to numb the two butterflies that she was lasering and she was very kind and encouraging. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad. Before I left, I booked my next appointment for the following Wednesday to have my first session.

Wednesday 30th July 2014 (Session one)

After my trial run I was really excited, I’d already seen improvements from the two butterflies that had been lasered from the trial, so I was feeling optimistic. The procedure took thirty minutes. I’ll be honest, the pain was uncomfortable. Thankfully the nurse used ice to numb my butterflies. Half way through the session, when it became too uncomfortable, the nurse offered me some numbing cream for the areas that were left to do (top of my neck and a few on my hip). I decided to go for it. She popped some numbing cream on, wrapped me up in cling film and I relaxed in the waiting area with a cup of coffee and a magazine waiting for it to kick in! After about thirty minutes I was back in the treatment room ready to go. The cream was really helpful. It took the edge off the pain and really helped me to finish the treatment. Before I left, I booked my next appointment. I was informed that I needed a six-week break between each session. I also purchased some of the numbing cream so that I could pop it on an hour before my next treatment.

Thursday 31st July 2014 (After session one)

A day after my first session and I thought I’d share how they feel afterwards. Each area is raised and it feels like sunburn. I’m not in pain with it, it just feels a little uncomfortable. I was advised to put Vaseline on them and that keeps the clothes from rubbing on them.

Saturday 6th September

Feeling rather excited for my next session. Some of the butterflies are fading away nicely. I’ve chosen one butterfly to focus on, I’m hoping the change from each session will inspire me to continue. I’ve realised that this process is going to take some time and they won’t just disappear overnight.

Thursday 11th September 2014 (Session two)

An hour before my session, I went to my Mum’s house for a helping hand. The nurse has advised me to put the numbing cream on an hour before my session. I use a full tube to cover the whole area. Once it’s been applied generously to the butterflies, I wrap up in cling-film so that it doesn’t rub off on to my clothes. Today’s session was so much quicker. I think I had two thirty-second pauses. The session was done in less than fifteen minutes! The numbing cream definitely took the edge off. Be under no illusion though, it still is an unpleasant feeling.

Friday 12th September 2014

I found the aftercare this time a little difficult. Last night was my first session where I’ve worked the next day. (My other treatments were during the school holidays). Due to where my tattoos are, and the expectation of appearance at work, I’ve been unable to wear loose fitting clothes with lots of Vaseline on. This time I’m running around in my classroom, with fitted, smart work clothes on. This time it felt like I had a bad case of sunburn on my back. If I’m completely honest, it was rather uncomfortable.

Friday 19th September 2014

Feeling rather excited by the results! It’s quite clear that the tattoos are on their way out bit by bit!

Saturday 4th October 2014

Went out for lunch with my Mother today, She’s just announced that she plans on getting married next year (2015) and that she wants me to be a bridesmaid! Very exciting, but a little more pressure time-wise, as she hates my tattoos and really does not want them visible on the day. A good job I started this process when I did!

Thursday 9th October 2014 (Session three)

Ready for another “blast of light”! Hoping the session will be as quick as it was the last time. Another tube of numbing cream being used. Definitely would not be doing it if I didn’t have this. Must admit, this time, the ‘sunburn’ feeling wasn’t as intense afterwards.

Friday 24th October 2014

As you can see, my focus butterfly is fading away, amazing results after another session!

Wednesday 6th November 2014

I’m extremely excited for my session tomorrow. My session is straight after school, so I’m going to need someone to help me put the numbing cream on an hour before I go.

Thursday 7th November 2014 (session four)

Another great session. I would have thought that I’d get used to the first blast, but nope, still always makes me jump a little. Must still be a shock to the system? This session didn’t feel as “intense” – which was good for me.

Monday 10th November 2014

The aftercare for this session was great. My areas are healing really quickly. However, I’ve noticed that the top five butterflies don’t seem to be fading as much as the others. I think I will mention this to the nurse when I’m in for my next session.

Thursday 4th December 2014 (session five)

I took the opportunity today to discuss my concerns about the top five butterflies at the top of my neck. I was beginning to think that they would never go! The nurse was very informative; she explained that different areas of my tattoos could fade at different times due to a number of factors. It all depends on how old they are, how deep they are and the thickness of them. I’m just hoping that they start to fade. People are starting to think that I’m leaving the top five butterflies and just getting rid of the rest!

Saturday 6th December 2014

I’ve had a very interesting day at a baby shower. After the talk of babies, stretch marks and labour, we then moved on to the topic of tattoo removal. Of course, this was a great opportunity to show off my progress, which was great. It was also interesting to hear my friends past experiences of having a tattoo removed. By the end of the discussion, I was feeling extremely happy to have made my decision to remove my tattoos and, most importantly, having them removed at Laserase Bolton. I’ve realised that is really important to have it done somewhere with a good reputation!

Thursday 18th December 2014

I’ve got my work’s do tonight and I’ve decided to go for a backless dress – to show off my faded tattoos!

Tuesday 6th January 2015

I’ve just had to rearrange my next appointment. I think that it’s great that you can move your appointments. Not only does it mean that you’re in control of the progress pace but you can also work it around your work/life commitments and more importantly, your finances!

Tuesday 20th January 2015

I’ve never been this long between sessions! I can’t wait to get back on track and get rid of these tattoos. I do need to have a catch up with the nurse about my sun care routine as I’ve just booked a few holidays!

Thursday 29th January (session six)

After what seems like a very long time, I was excited to get back in and be “blasted” again. I’m starting to worry that the top five tattoos on my neck are never going to go, however, the ones on my lower back are fading well so that gives me confidence. I just have to keep thinking why I am doing it and that it will be worth it in the end.

Another successful treatment today, I feel like I’m getting the hang of the pain now, the sessions only seem to last around five minutes. (Great for me!)

Monday 2nd February

It’s amazing how many people notice the “redness” of the tattoos on the top of my neck after a session. In Asda today a lady approached me to ask me about my treatment and where I was having it.

Tomorrow is another session, still no sign of the top five butterflies on my neck (The ones that are most on show on a regular basis) budging! The rest of the butterflies are fading very nicely – which does give me hope that eventually they will all go. This process is definitely a slow and steady process, I’m thankful that I started it when I did.

Thursday 5th March (session seven)

Coming to Laserase straight after work is very handy for me. I can apply my numbing cream (with a little help of a colleague) an hour before coming and nip to my appointment.

Again another quick blast. I mentioned my worries again about the fact that not all the butterflies are fading. A chat with the Nurse was very helpful and eased my worries. Lets hope that this one will crack the difficult ones.

Monday 16th March

Yippee! There seems to be some, not a lot, but some fading on the top five butterflies. Phew!!!!

Thursday 2nd April

Off to Italy tomorrow, I’m making sure that I pack a high factor sun cream. I remember the Nurse explaining that its very important to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

Thursday 16th April 2015 (session eight)

Oh well that one hurt! Either I’d not applied the cream well enough or they had increased the “power” on the laser! Either way, I needed a few breaks between the blasts .I’ve informed the nurse of some changes to my wedding too. Simon and I have decided to get married this October in Bali. Very exciting, but it puts a little pressure on the nurses to remove the tattoos.

Tuesday 21st April 2015

My tattoos are healing nicely.

Thursday 30th April

I’ve just packed my suitcase for this weekend. It is my mums “Hen Party” in Lanzarote. I’ve packed factor 50 and plenty of tops that go over over my neck. The last thing I want is any pigmentation.

Thursday 7th May

Just had my bridesmaid dress fitting for my mums wedding. Luckily my dress covers my tattoos. Think I may need to wear my hair down though. Just so that they are completely covered.

Monday 11th May

The ‘problem’ tattoos are finally fading! YIPPPPPEEEE.

Tuesday 12th May (Session nine)

After sitting in a ‘Governors meeting’ for two hours with my numbing cream on, I was starting to worry that my 6:15 appointment was going to be too late and the cream wouldn’t work!

I needn’t have worried. The cream worked a treat! The nurse did say that she wouldn’t advise it though. The treatment was much better this time. I do find it a little strange that some sessions seem to hurt more than others. I suppose there’s lots of factors that I should take into consideration.

I’m no longer having treatments every four weeks, it’s now moving to every six weeks.

Saturday 16th May:

The day of my Mums wedding is here! All busy and go, go, go! Luckily I’m healing well and not feeling too uncomfortable.

Tuesday 19th May:

I’m taking the Children to a water theme park today. I was hoping to get in with them, but as my tattoos are still healing from the treatment, I best not!

Thursday 4th June:

Off to Milan today for a long weekend! Packed my factor 50 sun cream as I believe it’s at least 30 degrees.

Saturday 6th June:

I’ve decided to wear a neck scarf whilst out and about sightseeing. I don’t want to risk getting any pigmentation at the top of my neck.

Friday 19th June:

It feels like ages since my last treatment! I feel like I could have another session right now. But the Nurses know what they are doing.

Wednesday 24th June:

Another session tomorrow and I can’t wait. I feel like the sessions are too far apart! I think I need some reassuring from the Nurse. Especially as the top butterflies still look like butterflies.

But the bottom ones are fading nicely.

Thursday 25th June (Session 10)

I arrived for my appointment a little earlier today, it was nice to sit and chat to the other customers, share our thoughts, experiences and worries. I felt a little relieved to hear that I wasn’t the only person to have a tattoo that was fading unevenly.

The session went really well. It seems to be getting quicker each time I go.

I seem to be getting used to the “sting” from the laser. I always find that it’s the first few that get me!

I like the fact that the nurse always starts at the bottom of my back and we finish at the top of my neck. That way I can mentally work out how much I’ve done, and more importantly how much I have left.

Friday 26th June:

Feeling a little sensitive today and my neck seems to feel tight but fingers cross the blast yesterday has made a difference.

Wednesday 22nd July:

I can’t believe it’s been a year today since I decided to remove my tattoos.

Thursday 30th July:

I feel like I could have another session now, six weeks feels like such a long time. Especially when the deadline for the wedding is looming!

As you can see from the pictures, they are looking good.

The ones on my lower back just look like small bruises.

Wednesday 5th August:

Today I’ve bought some summer dresses for my Honeymoon/Wedding in Bali. For the first time in around four years, I’ve bought a backless dress! In the past, whilst I’ve been on holiday, I’ve found myself embarrassed about my tattoos and bought cloths to hide them. I would always wear my hair down to make sure that the ones on my neck were hidden.

I will have to speak to the nurse about the next two session, as that is all I will have before we fly out to Bali in October!

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