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Intimate Hair Removal

Intimate Hair Removal

I have been struggling with terrible acne on my back and face for around 6 years since I was 12. This left me feeling self-conscious about my skin and I would never take off my shirt to go swimming. I also hated going on sleep overs and was worried friends would see and comment on my back. Some nights I also struggled to sleep as the large angry spots on my back were very painful. I tried many over the counter treatments but none of them seemed to make any difference.

Michelle’s story

As time has gone on I have struggled with the really course hair on my bikini line, it started when I was in my teens. My first holiday away with friends was spent in shorts after a really bad shaving rash appeared – no bikini for the entire holiday.

I really hated shaving and the creams made my skin sensitive. I got bad in growing hairs too. I initially went for laser hair removal to tidy things up so I could wear a swimming costume. The section I has removed was up to the classic line. I was too embarrassed to ask for it to be higher.

I was happy this was ok and normal and not embarrassing. I would however then go home and take it further up using home waxing kits. Messy yes, painful yes.

Times changed and I wanted to get rid of all of it, not only did it look better it was super clean. I spent years waxing the hairs in my bathroom, not a great job but no one knew!

One trip to get a different treatment at Laserase I read about intimate hair removal in the clinic. It challenged my beliefs about the fact I should do this in secret. I realised that it was in fact quite normal and OK to want this. I made an appointment and saw Jo. She was so good and asked no questions about why I would want this, she reassured me it was a really common treatment. I thought I would be the oldest person to ever ask for it but she said by far you are not.


I had six treatments and I had all the hairs removed in the area. I love the finished result. I no longer have to do anything at home. The clean smooth results are better than any other form of hair removal. The treatment didn’t hurt, it was just warm.