Laserase Bolton: Keep skin hydrated during winter

5 ways to care for skin during winter

5 ways to care for skin during winter

It’s important to drink enough water and keep hydrated throughout the whole year and that includes during winter. This can-do wonders for you skin. Our lead nurse Saria explains why:

  1. Every cell in our body needs water to function. The dermis is approximately 9% of water held together with hyaluronic acid (HLA).

  1. (Hyaluronic acid) HLA attracts and bind 1000 times their own weight in water, so you can imagine how plump and smooth your in would look if you increased your H20 intake.
  2. Most of our fluid intake should essentially come from drinks (non-sugar). BUT did you know about 20% of our daily water intake comes from food – particularly fruit and vegetables.
  3. Adding high water content foods to our diet increases our intake too. Think tomatoes, cucumbers mushrooms, which contain 90% of water. Every little bit helps.
  4. Dehydration causes cells and tissue to shrink, resulting in loss of elasticity in skin and making wrinkles appear more prominent. So remember to drink water even during winter to improve the look and feel of your skin.

If you have any questions about hydrating your skin during winter, please call 01204 570900 or contact a member of our team for a free consultation with a qualified nurse.