Laserase Bolton: 5 tips on how to de-stress your skin

5 tips on how to de-stress your skin

5 tips on how to de-stress your skin


We all lead such busy lives and often, our skin tends to be at the back of the priority list. Whether it is stress from work giving you those acne breakouts or the worry from Covid-19 making your skin appear dull, we’re here to help.

Under our medical guidance, your skin will flourish, and skincare routine will strengthen, leaving you feeling positive and ready to combat what life throws at you. Our Medical Director, Dr Kiran Patel is a full time NHS GP and has worked with Laserase Bolton for over 20 years. He offers five simple tips on how to de-stress your skin and how you can embrace skincare!

In the meantime, if any of you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email, telephone or contact us.

1. A good cleanse

Wash your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser or face wash and pat dry your skin with a clean towel. Do this twice a day in the morning and before you go to bed.

2. 5-minute face mask

Treat yourself once a week to some ‘me time’ by applying a facemask. It should only take 10 minutes and afterwards you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

3. A good moisturiser

Whether you have dry, oily or a combination of the two, make sure you pick a moisturiser that is right for your skin type. We recommend Medik8 which is great if you are suffering from hyperpigmentation.

4. Invest in a good sunscreen

Did you know, 80% of ageing skin is caused by sun exposure? The best way to prevent is to start using SPF daily. We recommend at least a factor 30+ to keep those lines at bay.

5. Drink lots of water

Try to drink at least 8 glasses (2 litres) of water a day. This will help flush out toxins from your body, keep you hydrated and improve your complexion, as well as combating a variety of skin issues such as can help combat psoriasis and eczema.

Laserase Bolton has been establish for over 20 years and is CQC accredited. If you have a question about your skin, want advice about which moisturiser to use of just would like to talk to one of our medically qualified skin specialists, contact us on 01204 570900.