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Customer Stories

August 16, 2016

Dale’s Acne Story

I have been struggling with terrible acne on my back and face for around 6 years since I was 12. This left me feeling self-conscious about my skin and I would never take off my shirt to go swimming. I also hated going on sleep overs and was worried friends would see and comment on my back. Some nights I also struggled to sleep as the large angry spots on my back were very painful. I tried many over the counter treatments but none of them seemed to make any difference.

August 5, 2016

Lucy’s Story

I thought only teenagers suffered from acne and I felt very depressed and frustrated when I developed the condition at the age of 24, particularly as my job as a beautician means I always want to look my best. I also had to endure some unkind comments about not looking after my face properly, I knew this wasn’t true but it was still hurtful.

August 5, 2016

Christine’s Story

I started to feel self-conscious about my thread veins after being asked what I had done to hurt my leg. My veins were purple and around my knee looked like a bruise. I also had some on my lower leg. I decided to see what I can do about them and made enquires at Laserase. I booked in for a consultation but was initially quite apprehensive about treatment as I didn’t know anything about it and was worried about the unknown.

August 5, 2016

Val’s Story

For the past few years, I have been real conscious of having a band of unsightly thread veins around one of my ankles. This particularly bothered me every summer when I started wearing sandals. My local hairdresser had suffered similar issues on her legs and she recommended that I come to Laserase Bolton.