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Whether it’s via shaving or laser hair removal, a Brazillian will always be a popular style to remove hair.

There’s no better feeling than stepping out of the shower after shaving and experiencing ultimate smoothness everywhere on your body. Imagine feeling that way every day – even when you’re running low on time and can only afford to take a five-minute shower. With Brazilian laser hair removal, you’re able to experience smooth, clean skin in your pubic area with minimal effort.

Gone are the days of accidentally nicking yourself in the most sensitive parts of your body.

Instead, you’ll have silky skin even in the hardest areas to reach. No longer will you have to endure irritating stubble, ingrowns or shaving / waxing rash! It will appear as though you never had hair there to begin with and you can completely forget about the need to shave ever again!

May 15, 2018

Intimate Hair Removal

I have been struggling with terrible acne on my back and face for around 6 years since I was 12. This left me feeling self-conscious about my skin and I would never take off my shirt to go swimming. I also hated going on sleep overs and was worried friends would see and comment on my back. Some nights I also struggled to sleep as the large angry spots on my back were very painful. I tried many over the counter treatments but none of them seemed to make any difference.