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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment – nicknamed ‘the vampire treatment’ – is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure involving the reinjection of Platelet Rich Plasma taken from a person’s own blood into areas of the face, neck and other areas to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

PRP Treatments

It does not involve knives, nips or tucks, but has the rejuvenating effect of surgery, boosting the creation of new blood cells and collagen.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

The Platelet Rich Plasma procedure involves a medical professional taking a small amount of blood from a person’s arm, in the same way as taking blood for a standard blood test. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge machine at high speed until the red and white blood cells have separated – a process that produces a plasma rich with platelets (very small cells which stimulate the growth of more cells). This Platelet Rich Plasma is then reinjected into the patients face, neck and décolletage or other areas of concern (i.e. backs of hands etc.) it can also treat dark circles under eyes and some scars.

When they are injected into the skin, the platelets release growth factors – proteins which trigger the surrounding cells to proliferate. This in turn stimulates the repair of cells and increases the volume and rejuvenation of the skin. The growth factors induce collagen production and elastin, resulting in new skin cells being formed and thus an improvement in skin elasticity.

Following the injection of the plasma into the skin to treat and lift deeper lines a dermaroller is used to create micro-channels in the dermis in order to allow deeper absorption of the plasma into the skin tissue.

For optimum results three treatments are recommended between 4 – 6 weeks apart.

Does it hurt?

There may be slight discomfort around the site of the injections but anaesthetic is mixed with the plasma before injection and topical anaesthetic can be used on the remainder of skin where micro- needling will be carried out.

How long does it take?

Patients should allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Bruising is usually minor. Swelling is to be expected but usually settles down in 1 – 2 days’ time except around the eyes that can take 4 – 7 days to subside completely. There may be a slight purple discolouration of the skin for 2-3 days due to the colour of the patient’s plasma.

Is it suitable for everyone?

This treatment is suitable for most people but not those with the following conditions:

  • Platelet Dysfunction Syndrome
  • Critical Thrombocytopaenia
  • Hypofibrinogenaemia
  • Haemodynamic instability
  • Sepsis
  • Acute & Chronic Infection
  • Anti-coagulation Therapy (Warfarin, heparin)

The following conditions may also reduce the results of the treatment.

  • Alcohol consumption (excess)
  • Diseases of platelets and white blood cells
  • On-going medications such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or cortico-steroids
  • Smoking
  • Excessive UV-light exposure (sun light or sun beds)
  • Unknown effects of other chronic medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Chronic infections

How many treatments will I need?/strong>

Patients will need a course of 3 treatments with 4 -6 weeks between each treatment. Maintenance treatments may be needed every 6months although periods will vary between patients.

How quickly will I see results?

Improvements may be seen a few days after each treatment but maximum improvement will be seen 2 -3 months after the third treatment.

How can I find out more?

Book a consultation or call us on 01204 570 900

"I had my first treatment 7 days ago and was pleasantly surprised at how little discomfort I felt. I was nervous when the first needle went in but soon found that this felt no more than a slight prick. The taking of the blood was a quick and easy procedure and as Saria the nurse talked me through the whole process I soon felt relaxed and at ease. After the treatment my skin was slightly swollen and a purplish red but this went down within 24 hours. After 7 days I feel there is some minor improvement to the lines around my eyes but I am fully aware that the course of treatment needs to be completed and then a further 2 -3 months go by before I am likely to see the full benefits. I can’t wait for my second treatment to get nearer to my goal of reducing my lines and wrinkles especially around my eyes."

-- Julie