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Dale’s Acne Story

Before acne treatment
Before acne treatment
After acne treatment
After acne treatment










“I have been struggling with terrible acne on my back and face for around 6 years since I was 12. This left me feeling self-conscious about my skin and I would never take off my shirt to go swimming. I also hated going on sleep overs and was worried friends would see and comment on my back. Some nights I also struggled to sleep as the large angry spots on my back were very painful. I tried many over the counter treatments but none of them seemed to make any difference.

“I then signed up for the navy and was determined to try and improve the condition before joining. I came to Laserase and had a consultation with the nurse Saria who said she could improve the condition with the Regenlite laser.

“After 7 treatments I am amazed at the difference to both my back and face. I no longer have large angry red spots and can now go out in public without feeling self-conscious. I am continuing to use the products recommended by Laserase to compliment my laser treatment and they also seem to be helping as well as my skin feels so much better and less oily. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone suffering the same issues is I did.”

Val’s Story

                  For the past few years, I have been real conscious of having a band of unsightly thread veins around one of my ankles. This particularly bothered me every summer when I started wearing sandals. My local hairdresser had suffered similar issues on her legs and she…

Leslie’s Story

Leslie’s Thread Vein Removal Story To me facial thread veins are a sign of aging and I was upset to find that I had developed some. I was never confident about going out without make up on to cover them up especially when working. So I went along for a free consultation at Laserase and…

Ian’s Acne Story

  I have suffered from acute acne since being a teenager. At various times I have been prescribed antibiotics and  Roaccutane  and have also tried all the over the counter products. Although the antibiotics and Roaccutane helped the acne returned when I wasn’t taking them. At 22 I was still so self-conscious about my back…

Helen’s Story

Over the last few years I have become more and more conscious of the lines and wrinkles on my forehead. This has dictated my hairstyle and meant I have always had a fringe to cover my forehead. Finally, with a milestone birthday approaching of 50 and a holiday coming up, I decided to take the…