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Phillip’s tattoo over a tattoo removal

Tattoo over a tattoo
Tattoo over a tattoo
2. PM Tattoo-Finger-Nine-Sessions
After 9 removal sessions

The tattoo I’m having removed, is a cover up tattoo of a tattoo I wish I never had. So I knew as it was a double tattoo I would have to have more treatments than if it was just a single tattoo. This was fully explained to me in my initial consultation, which was both professional and thorough. It was a reassuring discussion and more in-depth than I had anticipated.

3. PM Finger-Tattoo-25-6-15I’ve now had 9 sessions of treatment, once every 4 weeks, and you can visibly see that the colour is now fading and that there are now broken patches of clear skin. Which is reassuring as I was slightly apprehensive at first about whether it would work or not.

I know the majority of people will sit online and research laser removal before going for a treatment like this, I know I did on and off for months. I saw the scare stories and was put off slightly, who wouldn’t be.

I can only recommend the treatment I have had. Yes it does hurt, I’m not going to lie to you, but it’s worth it. I’ve not had any of the horrible side effects or issues I saw in those online stories and I now doubt half of them are even true.

I honestly wish I had started my treatment sooner, seeing a tattoo that you hate or regret every day is depressing. That quick glace from someone, or intense stare of someone looking at it gets to you. I wish I had done this sooner.

I’m not 100% sure it will be fully gone by then, but I do know that it will not be as visible, knowing people won’t be able to see it is all I want.

The staff at Laserase Bolton are great, always friendly. I have, once, had to change an appointment and the staff were understanding and helpful.

I find it very convenient that I can make evening appointments too, so the treatment doesn’t affect my work schedule.

February 2016

I have now had 16 tattoo treatments and am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For my last treatment I  remembered to put on my LMX  cream in advance and it really makes a difference.The treatment was less painful and there was less blistering. Actually, this was the least amount of blistering so far. Six  weeks until the next treatment, I am hoping the extra two weeks healing will fade the lines more.

6. PM tattoo finger. 23.2.16-for-web
After 16 removal sessions

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