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Leslie’s PRP Vampire Treatment

Before treatment
Before treatment

I always like to look my best as my job involves greeting members of the public on a daily basis including many young brides to be. Since turning 50 I have felt that my face is starting to show signs of aging particularly the lines above my lips, which I put down to too much happy whistling in my youth! I wanted to improve my skin without putting anything fake inside it. So when I heard of the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment I was really excited.

LT 19.4.16 PRP (3)
After one treatment

I have just had my second treatment and am really pleased with it so far. I have no issues with the blood being taken from my arm, which is pain free and Saria the nurse is always totally reassuring. The actual injections can be uncomfortable but you are smothered in numbing cream first and if you are worried you can take paracetamol an hour before the treatment to help dull the feeling too. After the injections of the Platelet Rich Plasma the nurse goes over your face with a Dermaroller which feels really nice and relaxing. The remains of the Plasma are spread over your face to soak in. You need to leave this on your face until the next day but that is no problem. The next day I got up and went to work and no-one would have known what I had done. My face wasn’t red or swollen. After the second treatment I had one tiny bruise on my nose but that was all.

I am looking forward to my third treatment to complete the course. I am already getting lots of comments about how well I look which has boosted my confidence no end. I am also now taking much more care about my face in general and am using the Medik8 Hydra8 B5 serum along with some other Medik8 products recommended by the nurse and these are really helping to make my skin feel smooth and more toned.