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active acneAcne Vulgaris is very common with around 9 out of 10 teenagers developing some degree of acne and conditions range from mild to very severe. In most cases, acne lasts around 4 or 5 years, however sometimes it can continue to be a problem into and through the adult years.

Acne may also present itself in later life even when there has been no history of spots in the teenage years. This is known as ‘Late Onset Acne’.

We understand that living and coping with acne and any resultant scarring can have a negative impact on your social, personal and professional relationships as well as reducing your own self-esteem.

The aim of all our acne treatments are to:

  • Unplug blocked pores
  • Kill or reduce bacteria
  • Reduce skin inflammation
  • Prevent sebum being made

How to get rid of acne?

We offer three treatments at Laserase Bolton as well as a range of medical skin care products designed specifically for sufferers of acne. At your consultation we will discuss with you the different options available and what treatment(s) we would recommend for you and your skin.

N-Lite Laser

The N-lite Laser works by killing off bacteria in the skin, reducing inflammation and repairing damaged and pitted skin.

Click here to download N-Lite Laser Factsheet
Click here to download N-Lite Laser Pre/Post Treatment Advice Sheet

AFT 420

This IPL treatment uses Advanced Fluorescent Technology to target acne causing bacteria and stopping the spots before they begin.

Download the AFT420 Factsheet
Download the AFT420 Pre/Post Treatment Advice Sheet

Medical Skin Peels

Medical Skin Peels use gentle fruit acid to dissolve and control sebum and reduce inflammation.

Skin Care

As part of the consultation and treatment, we will devise a skin care regime that works to control, protect and correct the imperfections and compliment your treatment.

What treatment will I have?

This depends on how severe your acne is and what treatments you have had before. Above all we are a medical facility and will give you the treatment that is best suited to your condition.

Does the treatment hurt?

Patients say the AFT420 treatment feels like a small elastic band against their skin and most people can tolerate this with no problems. Those having N-Lite Laser treatment say they feel a slight warming and tingling sensation. The medical skin peel may leave your skin feeling sensitive but you will be told what products you can use to calm the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the severity of your acne. Some people notice a dramatic difference after just one treatment whereas others will need some top-up treatments before the acne is gone completely.

What is an N-Lite Laser?

Read more about N-Lite Laser

What is an AFT420?

Read more about AFT420

What is in a Medical Peel?

Read more about Medical Skin Peels

How can I find out more?

Book a consultation or call us on 01204 570 900

Dale’s Review

“After 7 treatments I am amazed at the difference to both my back and face. I no longer have large angry red spots and can now go out in public without feeling self-conscious. I am continuing to use the products recommended by Laserase to compliment my laser treatment and they also seem to be helping as well as my skin feels so much better and less oily. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone suffering the same issues is I did.”

Lucy’s Review

“My skin is now much better, I no longer have the sore and large aggressive spots that I had.  I still have some spots but they are much smaller, more faded, flat spots which are easily covered up with make-up. I feel much better in myself and more confident.

“I have had fantastic service at Laserase from the nurse Jo and would definitely recommend this treatment to others suffering from acne.”

Ian’s Review

“I have suffered from acute acne since being a teenager. At various times I have been prescribed antibiotics and  Roaccutane  and have also tried all the over the counter products. Although the antibiotics and Roaccutane helped, the acne returned when I wasn’t taking them. At 22 I was still so self-conscious about my back and neck that I never took off my t-shirt even when out in the sun and never felt I could go swimming.

“I was therefore really interested to hear about Laserase and about the treatments available to treat acne with laser. After having a free consultation with the nurse Jo I embarked on a 4 week course of treatment with the AFT 420 laser. I had two treatments a week for the 4 weeks and have been amazed with the difference it has made to the active acne on my neck (it literally stopped it in its tracks) and also to some old ingrained spots on my back.

“I am going back for an assessment in 3 weeks and am then considering having treatment for some of the old acne scars that I have been left with too. Scar treatment uses a different laser and I am looking forward to seeing if this will give as good a result as that achieved with my active acne.

Lisa’s Review

I have felt self-conscious about the spots on my face for some time now and always cover up with a large amount of make-up which I worry might make the condition worse. I have spent a lot of money on various shop bought products but have seen little effect.

I finally decided to take the plunge and visited Laserase Bolton to see if they could help. After a consultation with the nurse I have had a course of 8 treatments and the small bumps on my forehead have dramatically gone down! There’s still a few there but it really has worked wonders especially using the creams and moisturisers recommended too. My face feels so smooth and I don’t feel like it gets so oily either.

The laser does NOT hurt at all; it just warms your face slightly. While some areas are warmer than others the only thing that made me jump, was when you have the goggles on and you can see the red light that flashes when the laser shoots out, it’s not scary at all but my body’s natural reflex made me jump! It didn’t bother me though and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels self-conscious about their acne.

TREATMENTCOST3 treatment course save 10%5 treatment course save 20%
N-Lite Laser Treatment
Full face£225£608£900
Face, neck & chest£500£1350£2000
Face, neck, chest & backFrom£600£1620£2400
AFT 420
Full face£230£621£920
Face, neck & chest£500£1350£2000
Face, neck, chest & backFrom£600£1620£2400
Chemical Peel
Full face£60£162£240
Face, neck & chest£120£324£480

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